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Display Multiple Authors In WordPress

Ever needed or wanted to know how to display more than one author’s posts on a WordPress blog such as the homepage? Thanks to the many functions within WordPress this is quite easy to do and requires only a few lines of code. In order to show more than one author we are going to […]

Removing Thumbnails From The Revolution Lifestyle Theme Homepage

I’ve used the Revolution Lifestyle theme quite a few times in some of my sites since I really like the layout and even the default color scheme goes together really well. By default the theme lists thumbnails for posts when they are being displayed on the homepage of the blog for each post. This can […]

Allow Comments To Automatically Post Without Approval

By default, WordPress requires that a commenter must have previously left a comment on your blog in order to post their comment without requiring approval. But if you have a fresh install of WordPress then you aren’t going to have any previous comments which means that each person that leaves a comment will require approval […]

Prevent Search Engines From Indexing Your WordPress Blog

There may be a point in time where you no longer wish to have search engines indexing your blog or you may not even want them to index it from the beginning. WordPress has a neat little option that allows you to easily prevent search engines from indexing your site located under the Privacy Settings […]

Displaying The Categories On The Arthemia Index Page

Awhile ago I wrote up a post about how to setup the Arthemia index page to properly display posts. I was just contacted through email by a person that was having trouble getting the categories to show up on the home page. The default setup has spaces for 5 categories to be shown but she […]